Jan 2013 – Newsletter

Door of Hope is proud to greet you at the start of a New Year when hope is at its highest.

May you and God have an amazing time getting closer and working together so all the world might know HIM. Let us also say thank you for joining God in His work as you partner with us in Ecuador. It is encouraging to know that YOU are ours and WE are yours. It has been a tough year in the world, especially for regions in the USA; please take comfort as we (kids, church, study groups, our family) keep you in our prayers. The following verse has been taught this year and we are living by it and claiming it for 2013.

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all of your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

There is much to remember and thank God for the past year so I will just go over the highlights and our favorites of 2012 in list form.

1. began the year with the whole family in FL
2. Kevin is living in Ecuador, in seminary, in ministry and engaged to Esther
3. Ministry kitchen built and blesses weekly
4. Many new faces—we have 70-80 kids on Saturdays, new helpers too
5. Amazing youth ministry (growth in number and commitment to Christ)
6. 12 baptisms
7. Samaritans Purse shoe boxes (Christmas in February)
8. E-team built our playground and ministered to 25 youth
9. Compassion International project opens
10. Mission training conference with Nazarene seminary and other churches
11. Tuesday Bible Study in homes (my favorite)
12. Ministry patio built and in use

I could go on but you get the big picture so now for a couple of the greatest challenges we face; music for Sunday worship, communication with partners, septic tank collapse, LONG hours of heavy work which leaves us exhausted, visa renewals and living with less $

Goals and dreams for 2013

Expand and intensify time with youth and ministry to women
Fit English classes onto our busy schedule
More intentional discipleship/leader/teacher training
Begin new Bible Institute groups (FLET) and train tutors all over Ecuador
Improve frequency of communication with partners and churches
Increase support base up to full salary (USA visits, let us know if you want us to come to your church or other gathering)
Big dream—Children’s library in a rented building in Chaquibamba (the ministry center is too far our of the town and space is limited)

May God in all his wisdom and love grant you the desires of your heart, may He give you his desires to move your heart, and may He move you beyond your heart to touch hearts all over the world. Be blessed to be a blessing.

We thank God for you, Tim and Daina Datwyler (Kevin and Esther too)

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