About Us


They were born and raised in Sacramento, California and have been married for almost 30 years. Tim is a jack-of-alltrades but worked most of the time as an industrial electrician. Daina stayed home with the kids and worked from home on a small farm and helped at the church. They had been in part time ministry for 15 years prior to jumping in full time when their kids approached teen-age years. They gained extensive experience first at Hope Church and then at Susanville UMC in a myriad of ministries. For a couple years they sensed that ‘part’ of their time and life was not enough, God wanted it ‘all’. As a family of 5 they set off on a lifelong adventure as cross cultural workers with The Mission Society.


Tim, Daina, Kellyann, Amanda and Kevin set off to Costa Rica in 1999 for a year of language/ cultural training. After a whirlwind of conjugating verbs and falling in love with the people they landed in very fast speaking Monterrey, Mexico. They continued acquiring language skills as they worked with a Methodist camp, started a neighborhood children’s ministry and finally dedicated lots of sweat and hours renovating (Extreme Seminary Makeover) the John Wesley Seminary while blessing and being blessed by over 150 short term mission teams. 3 years passed serving God by loving on our southern neighbors and it was time for furlough. God closed the doors to Mexico with a resounding ‘you’re done here, now go somewhere else’. They entered Mexico with 3 children and left with just Kevin the day after hurricane Katrina hit. Kellyann got married and stayed in Monterrey for another year before moving to the Atlanta area where she still lives with her husband Rodrigo (now an ordained UMC pastor) and our 3 grandkids. Amanda was living and working in WA and returned later to marry Elimelec in Monterrey where they still live. Kevin got his GED while stateside and endured the search for a new land/people to serve next. He is presently studying theology in the Nazarene Seminary in Quito as well as being invaluable in the ministry of Door of Hope.


It was much clearer recognizing the closed door to MX than it was to discern where to best serve next. God’s will and heart were at the top of the Datwyler’s prayer list as they visited supporting churches after assisting Hurricane Katrina victims in MS for a few weeks. During a visit to the Mission Society office they asked their dear friends Lauren and Joann Helveston where they would go. Hands down they said Ecuador where they had visited a year earlier as a possible new field for TMS. Tim, Daina and Kevin prayed, investigated and visited Ecuador with a couple short term teams and were then convinced that this incredible divers, small country was where God told them to ‘GO’. 6 years later they are still ‘digging in’ to show the Ecuadorians how to ‘dig out’ of their sin and hopelessness.


The name came out of a simple conversation with a young mother in a small community called Chaquibamba. The IEMUE (Evangelical Methodist Church of Ecuador) asked us to develop 6 acres of land about an hour and a half northeast of Quito to bring income into the church to pay pastors. As we traveled through this community 2-3 days/week, God broke our hearts for these people- the church had never though about the working with the people, just the land. As Daina walked through town one day to chat with the locals, she encountered a young mother with a toddler and a baby. They chatted a few minutes then Daina asked Sonya what hopes she had for her children. She responded apathetically with “that they live I guess”. That was it! It was as if the thought for anything else had never crossed her mind. Door of Hope (Puerta de Esperanza) which is none other than Jesus Christ was conceived that very day on the tearful drive back to Quito. So the end result that we strive for in all areas of ministry is to create hope in


Puerta de Esperanza is not just a place, but a lifestyle and attitude to love and glorify God with all of the heart, soul and mind.. (Matt 22:37-39)
To introduce people of all ages, cultures and colors to the knowledge of the saving grace in the face of Jesus Christ, our living God.
To make disciples who make disciples who make…….
To live the hope of Jesus who gives purpose in this confusing world
To find and reveal the only ‘DOOR’ which is our hope for our whole life both now and for eternity.
To restore marriages and families while teaching and showing God’s love.
To free many from the chains of hopelessness so they can then show others the freedom found in Christ alone.
To create a body of disciple who love and honor God and others.
To go out and tell others what they have found.
All that said- Door of Hope is also a PLACE where spiritual, emotional, educational and physical needs can be met and developed through varied ministries.