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We have just celebrated one year as a church body. On September 11, 2011 we started regular Sunday services. It has been a
very exciting year of new beginnings for celebrating old traditions.
November- we celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time although this is not an Ecuadorian tradition we introduced it as a Christian tradition.
We learned to look for and give thanks to God for His provision in our lives no matter what the circumstances.
Christmas- we introduced the advent calendar and what each Sunday signifies leading up to Christmas day. We held our first Christmas
Eve candlelight service and learned how God brought His light to this world through His Son and that we need to SHINE for Jesus.
Easter and Passion Week- the traditions of Passion Week are very familiar here but this time much more moving in the new light of the
freedom that many now have in Jesus. We celebrated with foot washing service, Good Friday service, Saturday with our children and Sunday
morning celebrating the resurrection of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the first baptisms. We invited another local church with 4 of the 12 who were baptized so we
had 8. It was a great and emotional celebration of new birth in Jesus and commitment to becoming part of the body of Christ. Thank you
one and all for partnering with us through your prayers and finances to help grow the Kingdom here in Chaquibamba.

Baptism Testimonies:
After being baptized we asked “How do you feel “?
Inez “I feel happy inside no matter what is going on outside”.
Yasira “I am free”.
Yadira “I feel the love of God in Me”.

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