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The believers life is like a maze. There is a beginning and there is a goal with borders to move within. We feel excitement as well as frustration as we seek to maneuver our way to the seemingly elusive goal. We may go along for several turns only to find no way out. We retrace our steps to try a different way, many times to find another wall. At the next turn you don’t encounter a wall but a deep, wide river with a path on the other side. To cross or not to cross this obstacle is the question we ask with an ever increasing desire to reach the goal. (At this point I am asking myself if an entire book is needed to ex-plain my thoughts.) The decision to cross makes you doubt your wisdom and you fear for your survival.

Now on the other side wet, exhausted and very thankful, you take the time to enjoy the amazing view. It was worth the risk. You continue your journey and after a few more turns you find yourself way up high overlooking a canyon which looks down over,,,,,,,,,,more maze! By now you get the picture.

The journey as a missionary is much the same. I have to say that I am a-mazed at each step. I can look back at all the seemingly endless dead ends in the form of sharing at churches while seeking support only to find they are more interested in the color of the pew cushions than God’s goal to reach the na-tions, partners who decide not to continue support due to many reasons, no e-mails for an entire month, family illness +/or death, eviction, watching your grandkids grow up only in pictures, car trouble, inflation, disputes, complaints and jealousy. The turns of progress are also encountered along each step in the voices of worship, disciples growing, giggling kids, kind words, special gifts, big hugs from little ones, healing miracles, visits and long walks on the beach, grandkids and loving prayers.

I have to say I continue to walk a-mazed. A-mazed by God’s generosity in meeting so many brothers and sisters in Christ even if we walk together for just days and then part ways. A-mazed by your love for this common missionary. A-mazed by God’s provision in so many forms. A-mazed by my husband Tim who God has given me to walk with through this mixed up maze. A-mazed that God uses me and you to reach His goal of saving lives. I know this has been a long way around to saying thank you and you are a-mazing to me but the simplest things are not always so simple to express. Again, thank you and Dios los bendiga grandamente.

Needs, Needs and more Needs!!!

God is Good all the time, all the time God is good. With His goodness comes incredible needs to do the mission He has called us to do. This is so true with the ministry at The Door of Hope. We feel that we need to expand ministry here in several different areas but this requires resources that we do not have. We want to plant and to teach growing different crops but this requires having more irrigation water. Thus we need to drill a well and pump water. We want to build a greenhouse to do this as well. Our new clubhouse classroom still needs windows and a door. We need tables and chairs and bookcases. There are a great number of needs but this is a result of ever changing and growing ministry. If you would like to help supply one or more of these needs we would greatly apreciate your help to grow His Kingdom here.

More than Conquerors VBS 2014

80 Kids+15 Puppets+ Capes+ Old Testament Hero=Indescribable Blessing

35 parents came to the closing presentation of VBS 2014 named “More Than Conquerors”. After pre-senting all the helpers and teachers we had a glorious time playing and telling the story of Joseph fol-lowed by the 11 and older group singing the story, 7-10 group danced and sang followed by the young-est ones with an active song. We finished with an all out party declaring I Am Free and Jesus Is My Su-per Hero. We sure hope you enjoy the Photos of the 4 day event. Thank you for making this event pos-sible. The joy was electric when they put on their capes and ran through the orchard.

Blesed in the Unexpected

A youth team from longtime supporting Cumming UMC spent 2 days ministering here at Door of Hope. They blessed us in many ways then invited me to see what they have been doing in the jun-gle. I had never been there and it sounded exciting so I was packed and on the bus with them the next morning. I cannot express how much more Ecuador is than our little corner of the Andes. The diversity, beauty and culture continue to keep me in awe of God’s creativity in loving us. I met (and served with) with some amazing people. I served alongside the youth to pour a foundation at a Christian school run by a missionary family with great vision. The school not only serves the local students but also serves as a base and resource for several public schools and communities. We helped in 2 of the many outreaches of Jungle Kids for Christ, one we reached by a river canoe. I also met with the leaders of the struggling Methodist church there. We are trying to figure out how we can find a way and resources to accompany them in reaching their community. This is when a small bus would allow our Puerta team to be in mission with other Ecuadorian believers. I praise God for His generous heart toward me with this little vision trip to Misahualli which refreshed my spirit. He also reminded me of the great marvel that is Ecuador and the plan He has for the people.

Our new Clubhouse

What began as a bathroom project for children’s ministry that turned into a ministry office that turned into a class-room project is almost complete. Before Kevin and Esther’s wedding over a year ago we started building a bathroom facility adjoining the ministry kitchen. This sum-mer we finally got the roof on the second floor and framed and sided the walls. The walls inside have been var-nished and the outside is to be done soon. We are using this classroom space even before the building is com-plete. This seems to be the case as ministry needs ex-ceed our ability to complete projects. We are still in need of windows and a door. God has provided so far and we are trusting Him to provide the rest of the finances to complete the clubhouse.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

August was a very busy month here with the medical mission, VBS and of course a few earthquakes just to keep us on our toes. Between the first and second week of August we had a series of earthquakes, tremors and aftershocks that gave us all a pretty good shaking. Although some of the earthquakes were pretty severe there were only a couple of fatalities and a few minor injuries reported, very surprising due to the fact that the epicenter was so close to us. One thing that we did have a lot of though was landslides. This in itself is not all that bad except for the fact that the landslides were so big that it has closed the highway that connects our community with Quito as well as one of only three roads that connect the north of Ecuador with Quito. So long story short, is what was about a 40 minute drive to Quito has turned into a 2 1/2 hour drive. Because of this we only go to Quito when we absolutely have to and not many come out to visit us either. As a result of the road closure the community of Guayllabamba has been almost completely isolated because it depended on tourism on the weekends for its businesses so now most of the restaurants have closed and dismissed their employees. Needless to say they are not buying food to cook with so those vendors have lost business as well. As you can imagine the economy of Guayllabamba has been devastated by the earthquakes. The bad news is that the road will be closed for 14 months, the good news is that when it does open it will be four lanes all the way to Quito. Please keep our community in your prayers as we face these trying times. Please pray that all of us affected by these circumstances remain faithfully trusting in God for our care.

Summer of Blessings

June was the start of great visits with some really special friends. As you may have read already we had a visit from Cumming UMC, Cumming GA. Then toward the end of June we were blessed with a special visit from Ted Wasson in advance of the team he was part of from Ooltewah UMC, TN. Ted was a great help in helping to prepare for the arrival of the Ooltewah team. Ted is a true servant of God, we did a lot of things that were not planned, in fact the project he came to help with we never even got to. In spite of best made plans we did get what God had planned done. When the rest of the team from Ooltewah arrived in July we dug ditches, buried drain and water lines, sanded siding boards, poured concrete and built walls. But the best and most productive thing we did was build relationships with the community. Home visits were a big hit and en-joyed by all. It gave our friends from Ooltewah an opportunity to see how the folks in Chaquibamba live and it gave our folks here in an opportunity to bless the folks from Ooltewah.

In August we were blessed by a visit from our son-in-law Rodrigo’s parents Joaquin and Rosy Cruz. They had planned on going to the Dominican Republic for a medical mission trip but it was cancelled so Daina asked them to come to Ecuador. After some time praying they changed plans and came to serve here for 10 days. Joaquin and Rosy made a makeshift clinic out of our office and gave health checkups to all the children that we could round up, all of our youth and a good number of adults. Rosy and Daina also had a mini women’s retreat one Sunday. Joaquin gave a course on first aid and disease prevention. But the best was when we teamed up some of our folks from Door of Hope with Joaquin and Rosy to help in a little community called Chumillos located high in the mountains near us at around 12,000 feet. It is a very small and remote area. I met the pastor of the church there and his father-in-law in a theology class I was leading. So we loaded up in the truck and headed up the hill. Joaquin and Rosy saw about 30 families that day. Our folks from Door of Hope played and ministered to kids and performed our first on the road puppet show. We even made some home visits and health checks. Later in the afternoon we all worshiped together and had a great time minis-tering together. God has so blessed us with ministry partners and family that are so willing to give and bless others. To Him be all the glory.

Good-Bye Summer Leisure

Our summer is shorter and starts and ends later than yours. Our summer was full of movie nights, english classes, extra time with kids and youth, all mixed with the ups and downs of life. By the way the ‘leisure’ part was not our lei-sure, it was intense at times but comfortable for them. Also 5 have been trained as kid’s Bible teachers. With the passing of summer and vacations came some changes. Kevin and Esther moved to their new apartment in Quito which leaves us short handed so we are excited for the addition of Erika Lanchimba as tutor to 4-7 year olds with Compassion International project 162. We are still sifting through some organizational bugs as we have fun seeing some fruit for God’s tree. Please pray with us as we convey and display His great love toward each child and family. We are learning as much as the kids are but mostly we need to help them with critical thinking skills as well as teach them honor. The new clubhouse has allowed us more effective and sane time by working in smaller groups to focus on needs at each age level. Your prayers and financial support are having an impact in this community.


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