God is busy here in Chaquibamba, Ecuador.

God is busy here in Chaquibamba, Ecuador. He has increased the demands of ministry both spiritually and physically. We are working
hard in God’s strength to meet all these new needs and challenges. Along the way in this process we often take three steps forward and
then two steps back. The grass keeps growing and we finally get it cut so we can start over again a few days later (2 acres is a challenge to
take care of). It is difficult and heart breaking at times but we are so blessed and privileged to do what we get to do.
Through the sale of the avocados, God has provided the resources to build a ministry kitchen. Now we just need the resources to equip
and finish it. This is such a blessing and will help us to be able to use other spaces to break up the larger groups for better teaching times.
We have been blessed to construct a concrete block wall/fence at the front of the property which provides added security and safety for
the children’s ministry. It also increased our usable space and eliminated a place for some pesky critters to live. (see photo)
We also upgraded the electrical service coming to the property. We had to purchase a transformer, which was quite a lengthy and expensive
process, but it is finally complete and we now have high quality electricity. For the first time in a year or more we have 120 volts instead
of 90 volts. God has given us a few dreams to grow the kingdom with outreach and more varied teaching which the ‘power’ of His
light and good electricity may make into reality.
We give God all the glory and praise for these advances so that ministry can grow at “La Puerta de Esperanza” (Door of Hope).

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