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Trip to USA

We know it’s been a while since we have sent out a newsletter, but we had so many face to face meetings with all of you on furlough. We just got busy when we got back and did not get one out until now. We have been blessed while serving 10 years now in Ecuador. With that said it had been 10 years since we had been on an official long furlough. Daina and I have traveled back and forth, sometimes together, but for the most part just one of us at a time. So as many of you know in June we were blessed to take a three month furlough. It was a little complicated but we came to the point that it doesn’t depend on us it depends on Him. So we left ministry here with the owner of the ministry, “Jesus Christ”. We had such a

blessed trip starting in California and visited many of your churches and many friends. We got to go camping and just enjoy His glorious creation.
One of the highlights of our time in CA was that we got to complete one of the desires of our hearts. 32 years prior for our honeymoon we were supposed to visit Yosemite National Park but never got to do it because the park was closed then due to flooding. 32 years later we were blessed with the time to return and we believe we were able to appreciate the majesty of that place even more now; God is so good to us.

We traveled from CA to GA by car with Daina’s parents. We were blessed with the time we

were able to spend together. We made a stop in Fredricksburg, TX and visited the Fredricksburg UMC who blessed us with a B&B that allowed Amanda and Elimelec to spend four days with us as well. Again God is good to us. After visiting with many in TX we traveled on to GA to visit Kellyann, Rodrigo, RJ, Natalia and Gabe. We also visited several churches in the area. While in GA, I was privileged to be able to help out doing a few home improvement projects at Rodrigo and Kellyann’s new home. They had moved from Woodstock, GA to Lilburn, GA to plant a new church. All in all this was a great furlough and you all had a big part in making it all happen through your prayers and support, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Well done!!

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. Psalm 84:5

Expanding up and out

We have learned over the years that ministry is unique in that it is not static. It is constantly changing and moving as the Spirit moves it along. Ministry at Door of Hope is no exception; for example ten years ago we started with dozens of little ones and now those little children are adolescents and teenagers. So as this change has occurred we have moved in that direction as well. We have rented a
small room in town (Door of Hope Annex) that we can use to meet with these youth and spend time with them in the Word and in relationship with them during the week. Daina plans to start an English Club and we plan on teaching a Bible course in this location. This is enabling us to get more exposure in the community than just here at the Door of Hope. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to grow and work to expand His Kingdom.

Our week at a glance

We thought that you all might like to know what our programed week looks like. That way you can better know how to pray for us and The Door of Hope.

Monday: FLET class in Quito second level.
Tuesday: Sabbath
Wednesday: Breakfast Club at the annex with Jr highers.
Thursday: Compassion program with local grade schoolers.
Friday: Prep for Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: Children and Youth program
Sunday: Worship

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it”. Proverbs 22:6


Some of you know that in May I was blessed with an opportunity to go into the jungle area of Ecuador and visit with a people known as “AWA”. It was an incredible experience as a missionary. They live in small communities along rivers. The particular community I visited is called Basarien located about 3 1/2 hours on foot from the main highway. They are so remote that when we arrived the first question was “why are you here? No one comes here.” This led to sharing that I am a missionary sent by God. The next question “who is God?”. These folk live in small isolated communities where there are still pockets of this people group that have not heard who God is much less how much He loves them.

After a small message they decided that we were ok and that we could come back and share more with them. After returning to Ecuador in October I went back. We had planned on getting there earlier than the last time and having more time to share. Before turning off the highway it started raining and continued to increase as we hiked in. By the time we got to the community it was raining so hard we could not cross the river to the main part of the community so a family allowed us into their home. After being welcomed the questions began; so we answered and shared with this family of about 20 people. We arrived about 4:30 pm and started sharing until close to midnight. These folks were so interested in learning more about God and His relationship with us that we forgot we were tired and wet.

The next morning we crossed the river for a very quick visit since the rain let up in the morning but it was only a short bit, it started again. We had to say goodbye for now and promised to come back. The coming back has been the complicated part. From our house its 5 1/2 hour drive in car, then the 3 1/2 hour hike in, 9 hours to travel one way. That’s the first complication. The second is its very exhausting; the rain and intense sun alone, but the bugs that just eat you alive. Both times I have been there it has taken two to three days to Puerta de Esperanza 3 Tim and Daina Datwyler January 12, 2016 recuperate. The third complication is waiting for the community to fulfill a couple of things I asked for, a list of families by name and a list of children by age.

With all this said we still believe that God is calling us to reach out to these folks. The enemy is very astute and uses every means to deter the message of Jesus Christ from reaching the darkest corners of this world. So please join us in prayer, binding him up and casting him out of this community. He has a strong hold there and it needs to be broken and can only be done through prayer.


While traveling in CA we could not help but notice the years of drought and its effects. In the ten years we have lived here the last two have been very dry at least here in this mountain region. Now that we are in a new year it is taking shape as no exception. Other parts of Ecuador are receiving rain but not much here in the mountains. This means that irrigation water is limited and although we put in a well, the water table is lower than normal. All in all, many have lost crops or not planted at all. We have lost several trees due to the drought.
In November, a team from Marietta FUMC came and helped us with our irrigation project. This included the well, pump, irrigation pipe and a pump for the drip irrigation system; also digging ditches to help get water from the well to the orchard. They also visited homes of some of our church members. They even got to cut down and dig out a few tree stumps. The Saturday they were here we had a church work day so they got to work with our kids and their parents. They were a great blessing to all of us. Please pray for rain, we need it so badly.

Christmas 2015

December came quickly this year for some reason or at least it seemed like it. For years we have worked with the children and youth of this community. We did this even before we partnered with Compassion International. But due to ever increasing prices, what we could buy ten years ago for the same amount is not the same today. So we have had to cut back on Christmas gifts for our unsponsored children.

This year a member of the Marietta FUMC team was so touched by what God is doing in the lives of these children. He was moved to make a generous donation toward all of our children that are not sponsored for Christmas gifts.

So this year we were able to give the same gifts to all of our kids that come. Making it possible for all that came to our Christmas celebration on the 19th of December go home with a new blanket, pillow, candy bag and a chocolate bar. God is so good at providing the needs of His children and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

Prayer Requests

• The “AWA” ministry could move forward in sharing the gospel.
• The breakfast club would grow in number and spiritual depth.
• English club outreach
• Establish women’s ministry
• Additional classroom space
• Refinish and expand the playground

Ways to get involved .

• Buy a window for the ministry center 6 windows $200 each.
• Storage bench with cushions for Club house $300
• Bookcase $100 each
• Cabinets for ministry center $150
• Desks $50 each

Any donations for these projects should be sent to:

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